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The United States has formed numerous popular music genres unifying regional, European, and African influences. One of these popular genres is Rock n' Roll, containing its roots in earlier popular forms. America's major infl
Ipods are the most popular way to listen to music
uence in Rock n' Roll would be Elvis Presley, known as "the king of Rock n' Roll". Country music, another popular genre, contains its roots in early American folk music of the Southeast. Traditional gospel songs and hymns were reworked by this genre to make songs about the everyday life of poor whites in the rural Southeast. Popular music in the U.S. has always favored and differentiated its commercial and entertainment value over intellectual or political values. Music today, such as hip-hip, rap, and country all share a generic content, love. Though love is portrayed in different ways in each genre. Artists like Neil Young, Barry Manilow, Stevie Wonder, all write classy, inspirational and love songs. Young artists still today often write about love but in a lustful way. Is that to say that the 21st century generation music has worsened in terms of appropriateness and proper? Does this give our generation's choice of music a bad reputation? Even though the rap genre is continually growing, there are still many artists such as Taylor Swift, who write influential songs and give kids a proper mind set in terms of hope, faith, love, and inspiration.



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The Wii

Entertainment comes in many different shapes and forms in the United States. Before technology, entertainment for people consisted of reading, listening to the radio, sports, going to plays or operas, playing card games, but mostly being outside getting fresh air. In the 21st century, Americans have television, laptops (the Internet), cellphones, ipods, video games, etc. for entertainment. Getting out of the house for entertainment still occurs but not quite as much due to the 21st century technology. Most entertainment today takes place in one's home. Children are extremely attracted to this technology and are constantly sitting inside their homes. U.S. kids are effected by this modern entertainment because of the lack of exercise they are getting. Most of these amusements require no physical activity. Then came along The Nintendo Wii! This is a game console played at home but it requires movement. The Wii Remote is a handheld device that detects your every move. Sports like tennis, soccer, bowling, boxing, and baseball are games that can be played on the Wii. This is a great new invention that compiles modern technology, exercise, and tons of fun. Kids and even parents love it!

Unemployment rates

In the United States, children are required to attend school up until the age of 18. It is a law passed by the U.S. government that minors must receive an education until they reach the age of a legal adult. The American school year usually begins in the months of August or September and goes through the months of May or June. The major difference about the American education system is that it has two types of education - public and Catholic. Most families of Catholic religion send their children to Catholic schools. The major discouragement of Catholic schooling is the cost to attend these private schools. Families will send their children to public schools if they can not financially afford to send their kids to Catholic schools. The public education system begins for children at the age of five or six. They commit to elementary school, grades pre-school through fifth. After elementary school, they attend middle school, grades six through eighth. A public and Catholic high school education contains grades nine through twelve. After twelfth grade, most children are at the age of eighteen and have the choice to attend college, usually a four-year program. There is an average of about 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States. To have a life of success, schooling is a necessity. As of February 2010, the unemployment rate1among individuals without a high school diploma was 15.6%, compared to only 5% for those that graduated high school and went on to college to obtain their Bachelor's Degree. That being said,

1. Unemployment rate - the percentage of the work force that is unemployed but are seeking jobs and willing to work.

China vs. U.S. Education

Americans can convey themselves through the style and fashion of the clothes that they wear. Even though it is said to never judge a book by its cover, a lot can be assumed about a person according to the clothes that they wear. Shy people may wear modest attire, "extra-friendly" or outgoing girls may wear hardly any clothing at all, such as tight skirts and low cut shirts. Artists might wear colorful, bright, or patterned apparel. American clothing drastically changed over a period of 400 years. When the first colonists arrived in the 1600s, women's clothing covered every area of the body except the hands, neck, and face. Back then, it was considered revealing, or unrespectable, just for a woman just to show her ankle. Women of the 20th century began to break free from the old customs and restraints. America saw a dramatic change in its view of women and appropriate clothing. This is only one of many examples of the style changes America has gone through in its four centuries. Today in America, clothing fashion changes constantly, especially throughout each season. Currently for the Winter season, Uggs are very stylish. Many girls throughout the U.S. are wearing these fashionable boots. The most popular coats are the Northface brand. Clothing is one thing in America that varies so quickly according to season, age, and era. To stay up to date with fashions, Americans take a look at what the celebrities wear.

Most popular boots: Uggs
Most popular coat: Northface